Resurfacing goes quickly when the rink is already flat and smooth. 


​​​​Set-up & Prep​

Setting up the Dragon is easy, and detailed safety and set-up instructions are included with each Dragon. For best results, we recommended you shovel the rink before resurfacing to remove snow, debris, and any high spots.

The Alaska Ice Dragon was invented from the need for a smaller, portable ice resurfacer--one that would smooth out smaller, and more remote rinks without using a water-flooding system. The Alaska Ice Dragon can be taken anywhere, and even fits in the trunk of a car!


Detailed resurfacing instructions are included with each Dragon. Resurfacing time depends on the size and condition of the rink. If the rink is already flat and fairly smooth, it doesn't take much ice melt to flood the surface, so you can drag relatively quickly. If there is ice damage and divots, melted water flows into the low spots and you'll need to drag a little slower. In other words, the rougher condition of the rink, the slower you'll drag. 


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